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7News Today Tonight special feature on Irisphoto and owner Mitchel Zeer

Frequently asked questions

We offer single photographic prints at sizes A4 ($38), A3 ($50) and A2 ($79).

We also offer prints that combine two eyes: 2 in 1 at size A2 ($120), square Yin Yang prints at size 42x42cm ($138), Collide and Infinity print size A2 ($168) 

If you are looking at combining 3 or more eyes in one print, we offer canvas banner prints starting at $330 for 3 eyes, extra eyes are $110 each. 

Our jewellery line starts at $59

Please see our full product list here

No, you can walk in anytime to get your eye photographed. 

We can photograph your bubs eye from age 3-4 years and up!

When you visit our shop, the photograph takes minutes. Typically prints are ready within an hour.
However wait times can be a bit longer as the day progresses. Prints can always be collected the following week or posted.

For family prints please allow 2-3 weeks and for acrylic and glass prints please allow 4-5 weeks.

For our jewellery range please allow up-to 3-4 weeks, turn around for watches can be up-to 6 weeks

For prints, allow up to 2-3 weeks.

For acrylic and glass prints please allow 4-5 weeks.

For our jewellery range please allow up-to 3-4 weeks, turnaround for watches can be up-to 6 weeks

Print sizes range from A4 to A2 and up! Please click here to visit the product page with more information.

Yes, gift vouchers can be purchased at any location or online. For online purchase please visit our product page here 

We provide the print. For professional framing and canvas stretching, please contact your local picture framer.

High resolution digital images are available for purchase. Please see our product section here

Your right and left iris are different. We choose one to photograph by selecting for detail and take a photo using our unique technology! The image is processed and printed on the spot. The print should only take 10 minutes if there is not a queue. However, wait times can be expected during middle hours of trading. Please come early if you require a fast turn around.

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